Sanne Koelemij is a Canberra-based artist, who completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Australian National University, School of Art, in 2015. Her art practice explores the relationships between colour, shape and material through abstract painting. Koelemij enjoys manipulating materials; from canvas to wood, to cardboard and shiny plastics. She constructs her ‘canvases’ by ripping, gluing and weaving these materials together before painting optical colour fields over the complex material surfaces. The materials in ‘canvases’ are both present as representational objects but also absent, or forced to become an illusion, by the diversity of colour and complex compositions. The aim of her work is not to challenge the use of traditional painting materials but instead, formally create a tension between painted (illusionary) and constructed (representational) mark making. In 2016, Koelemij was a finalist in the Contemporary Art Awards as well as becoming the Regional Winner in The Undergraduate Awards, Dublin, Ireland, for her body of work “Painting Beyond the Stretcher”.