Since graduating from the ANU School of Art and Design’s Painting department, Sanne Koelemij has continued to explore an ongoing interest with collaged compositions. Drawing influence from Optical Art and Colour Field Abstraction, Sanne investigates colour, shape and material relationships through interests with material value and desire to produce finished work from the waste of her own practice; such as dried paint, paper offcuts, and canvas scraps. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) in 2015, and the following year, her thesis won the Regional Award (Oceania) for Visual Arts and Design at the Undergraduate Awards, Dublin. She also received a Highly Commended for the Global Award within the same category and was catalogue published in the 2016 China Academy of Art Survey on Experimental Painting. She recently completed a residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre where she developed a new series of collages which have been explored in two 2018 exhibitions; Blaze XII at Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Straight Outta Canberra at May Space, Sydney.